Go directly to Court’s Greenhouse page – it’s our last year!

Welcome to Court Seeds!

We are a family owned seed farm near Plumas, Manitoba. In 2012 we celebrated 30 years of seed production, 25 years of seed processing and 20 years of select status. We farm 3,700 acres of cropland and have additional acres contracted to supply the increasing demand for pedigreed seed.

This is our last year operating Court’s Greenhouse. Be sure to drop by in June before we close. For more information about the greenhouse, follow this link to our Greenhouse page.

Court Seeds currently consists of a new state-of-the-art seed cleaning facility and a large seed retail business. We have a 90 foot scale that accommodates most trucks and a large  yard with clear access to the bins and processing plant.

We produce and supply several varieties of Certified seed: cereals, oilseeds and specialty crops. Courts offers special prices on processed Certified seed directly off the cleaning plant to customers who wish to take immediate delivery of their seed. We also offer grain cleaning services to our customers.

Recently we also added a new soybean treatment system to enhance our  existing seed treatment services. Courts provides custom seed treatment because we know this is an important option for many producers.