Featured Variety: Lightning Flax

Available for 2014:

AC Lightning Flax

Lightning flax has the potential for very good yields with good quality seed and a high oil content. And when you consider that it stands well on its short strong straw, it may be just the flax variety for your farm.

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Featured Variety: Gladstone soybeans

Available for 2014:

NSC Gladstone RR2Y Soybeans

Gladstone soybeans are an early maturing variety, requiring 2350 CHU on average.  They are semi-tolerant to IDC and have an above average white mould rating. Gladstone soybeans are of intermediate height, improving your harvesting options.

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Barley and Feed Barley Specials

We’re currently cleaning CDC Austensen barley, so now’s the time to inquire about off-the-plant specials. We also have a quantity of screenings available for pickup. Delivery is available for volume orders.

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