From the first seed crop grown under contract by Randy and Jeanine Court in 1982 to the latest varieties developed for Manitoba growers, careful selection and conditioning of seed grown for retail sale has developed into a 30 year enterprise for Court Seeds.

The first grain cleaner was purchased in 1985 and over the years the Seed Plant was expanded and upgraded to include graders, a debearder, indent cylinders and a gravity table.

In 2009, a new Seed Plant was assembled and built. Finished in early January 2011, the Seed Plant Grand Opening was held in July 2012 in conjunction with the Customer Appreciation Day

The Seed Plant capacity was expanded in July 2014.  We added two new 6,000 bu bins – one for receiving grain and one for clean grain – a new 65 foot grain leg and a new 13″ auger for unloading trucks.  Photos of the upgrade are included in the gallery below.

Seed Plant Highlights:

  • Phase 1 completed, leaving room for expansion
  • Simple design, ship in a bottle approach
  • Computer controlled
  • Internet connected with remote access
  • Three main cleaners: 1) Air and Screen, 2) Two Indent Cylinders, and 3) Gravity Table
  • Exterior dust control
  • Debearder on input auger
  • One supply bin, two clean bins, two screenings bins
  • Seven legs
  • One transfer auger
  • Variable Frequency Drives, single phase to three phase

Seed Plant Photo Gallery: