Why Choose Certified Seed?

Using certified seed is one of the best management tools for your farm. By including certified seed in your seeding plans you are starting with the best quality seed available. Seed that comes with years of planning and research to provide the qualities you and your end-users are looking for in your harvested crop. Research and development continues to improve on desirable traits such as disease resistance, drought resistance and herbicide resistance, and third party inspections in the field and at the production plant also assure that quality assurance requirements have been met. Only by choosing certified seed will you have access to the newest and best varieties available.

Certified seed also provides you with the assurance that you are maximizing your input dollars. Start with the best seed available and you’ll know that you aren’t wasting your time and valuable inputs on seed that won’t make the grade.

Another important facet of farming today is food safety and traceability. The blue tag you receive with your certified seed assures you and your end-user that you are producing exactly what you say you are and that the qualities of the harvested product will be what you expect. Many end-users are looking for specific traits and varieties for their products – using certified seed can open doors to new opportunities and will help to build confidence in your farm and your production.

Certified seed is the only way to reliably access the traits you need year after year.

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