Planning for 2015

Now that the 2014 crops are in the bins it’s time to start planning for next year.

Our November newsletter looks at some things to consider when planning for 2015.


Court Seeds Expansion
We increased the capacity and handling capability of our seed plant this year to allow for increased processing volumes and larger loads for custom cleaning…[read more]

Agronomy Notes: Lodging Prevention
We all know that lodged crops are more than just an eye-sore, they cost us profit from decreased harvest efficiencies, lower yields and loss of quality…[read more]

Upcoming Booking Deadlines
Don’t miss the early booking and early payment deadlines, especially those coming up this weekend with Syngenta on November 14 and Northstar Genetics November 15. We have a complete list. [read more]

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Making a profit in 2014?

We all want to profit from our cropping decisions. The attached newsletter looks at some things to consider when planning for 2014.


From Randy’s Desk: Making a Profit in 2014?
With the downturn of grain prices in recent months, many producers are wondering how to maintain profits in the 2014 season…[read more]

Featured Varieties
AC Muchmore wheat
NSC Gladstone RR2Y soybeans [read more or visit the Certified Seed Varieties page]

Agronomy Notes: Thousand Kernel Weights and Seeding Rates
For the 2014 growing season producers will want to be a little more conscious of their seed size when selecting seeding rates…[read more]

Seed Treatments for 2014
Court Seeds will be stocking and treating the following products for 2014 planting season…[read more]

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Choosing Soybeans

Newsletter: November 2013

The main focus for the November 2013 newsletter is soybeans. Randy and Tracy talk about growing soybeans in Manitoba and the importance of choosing the best variety for your farm.


From Randy’s Desk
Soybeans have become well established in Manitoba. They are currently the third largest acreage crop in Manitoba…[read more]

Featured Varieties
Seed Depot: Cardale Wheat
FP Genetics: Summit Oats
[read more]

Agronomy Notes: Choosing the Best Soybean for Your Farm
Selecting the right soybean variety for your area is not always black and white, and good reliable data can be hard to find. Before assessing any soybean data…[read more]

Coming Events
Crop Production Show – January 13 to 16 at Prairieland Park, Saskatoon
The Western Canadian Crop Production Show has become Western Canada’s premier grain  industry showcase by presenting information to producers on the latest technology, services, and products.
Manitoba AgDays – January 21, 22 & 23 at Brandon Keystone Centre
The Manitoba Ag Days show is an exposition of agricultural production expertise, technology, and equipment that attracts exhibitors and visitors from across Canada and North Central US.

New Varieties

Newsletter: March 2013

In March 2013, there were a number of updates available from the winter agriculture meetings held on the Prairies:


From Randy’s Desk: New Varieties and Crop Insurance Changes
I recently attended the Prairie Grain Development Committee meetings in Saskatoon, more  commonly referred to as the variety registration meetings. All new varieties of most crop types are presented and…[read more]

Agronomy Notes: Winter Wheat Survival
So your winter wheat didn’t make it up last fall…now what? With the dry conditions
experienced last fall…[read more]

Seed Treating Services
New for the 2013 season Court Seeds has added a second seed treater to increase our  treating capacity. This new treater…[read more]

Introducing Tracy Court, Agronomist

Newsletter: November 2012

Our February newsletter introduced Tracy Court to our customers and provided some information about Court Seeds for new customers.


Introducing Tracy Court, Agronomist
Court Seeds is happy to announce that Tracy Court has joined the team and we’re very proud  to introduce our daughter to our customers. Tracy grew up in the Plumas area…[read more]

Varieties Available at Court Seeds
Court Seeds is pleased to offer a number of outstanding varieties for 2013.
We handle all cereal varieties from…[read more]

Agronomy Notes: Herbicide Carryover for 2013
With the dry conditions experienced in the summer and fall of 2012, producers need to be  mindful of past herbicides when planning crop rotations…[read more]

About Court Seeds
Court Seeds is a family owned seed farm near Plumas. In 2012 we celebrated 30 years of seed production…[read more]

Why use Certified Seed?

Newsletter: November 2012

In November 2012 we published our first customer newsletter as a way to share information our customers can use in making crop variety choices.


Why Use Certified Seed?
Certified seed is one of the best management tools for your farm…[read more]

New cereal varieties for 2013
FP Genetics: AC Muchmore Wheat
Canterra Seeds: Canterra Barley
[read more]

Northstar Genetics Soybeans
Court Seeds is a dealer for North Star Genetics Manitoba, but high demand for soybeans has resulted in our being sold out of most early maturing varieties. If you have…[read more]

Free Delivery Program from Court Seeds
Reduce your 2013 seeding costs by booking now and taking early delivery on your seed…[read more]

New for 2013!
In 2012 we celebrated 30 years of providing seed and seed cleaning services with a very successful customer appreciation event. It was…[read more]