AAC Brandon CWRS is the latest addition to the varieties offered by Court Seeds. This is the first year we’ve secured a quantity of this new high-yield spring wheat by SeCan. Growers looking for a variety with a good disease package will find that Brandon boasts good resistance to FHB, leaf and stem rust resistance as well as stripe rust resistance. With strong short straw and a larger seed size, AAC Brandon is a solid choice for most growers.

For more information on AAC Brandon, take a look at our Certified Seed Varieties page.

AAC Brandon is a good replacement for Carberry which is the most seeded spring wheat variety in Manitoba. So –  if you grow Carberry and like it, you should try Brandon.

Very limited quantities of this new spring wheat will be available and we’re taking bookings now. Give us a call if you want to be among the first in our area to grow AAC Brandon.