Available to growers for the first time in 2014, NSC Gladstone RR2Y soybeans from
NorthStar Genetics has exceeded expectations in this area of Manitoba.

Gladstone is proving to be a dependable variety with consistently high yields and on time maturity.


Another reliable soybean variety from NorthStar Genetics, NSC Vito RR2Y has proved to be a reliable producer on our farm.

We’re seeing good returns in all conditions from Vito which produces early-maturing plants with a very high pod set. Vito is recommended for rolling or rocky land.

Two varieties – excellent traits:

  • Early maturing
    • Gladstone: 2375 CHU
    • Vito: 2350 CHU
    • Even planted late on our farm, the plants matured on time.
  • Top Yields
    • Both Gladstone and Vito beans have produced top yields in the last three years.
  • Good Disease Tolerance
    • Excellent rating for IDC –Gladstone scored 9 out of 10; Vito scored 8 out of 10.
    • Both varieties score a good white mould rating.

For more information on these and other soybean varieties, take a look at our Certified Seed Varieties page or give us a call at 204 386-2354.