Soybeans have become well established in Manitoba, and their area of adaptation will continue to move north and west.  They are currently the third largest acreage crop in Manitoba, with Canola at 3.26 million acres, all wheat at 2.8 and soybean at 1.06. At the current rate of growth, soybeans could be the number two seeded crop in Manitoba within the next five years.

Soybeans are a very adaptable crop, and are grown virtually everywhere in the world. Many would argue that soybeans are too risky for the Canadian prairies, but every crop has its own risk and reward factors. When compared to canola, soybeans will withstand flooding and water logged fields, have better straw strength and well suited to straight-cut combining, and have good dry down even in cool damp fall weather. They do however, need a longer growing season and prefer warm spring soils at planting. They are a simple crop to grow, have lower costs of production, and allow for a longer combining season.

Court Seeds has been growing and selling soybean since 2003 and is well positioned to handle all your soybean questions and seed requirements. There is still a good selection of the latest varieties from Dekalb, Northstar Genetics, and Secan. We can provide state of the art, high capacity seed treating /inoculating services at time of seeding, reducing the need to handle seed on your farm. In addition, we can provide in crop agronomy services to keep your crop on track all season. Be sure to ask us about the new McLeod and Gladstone soybean varieties.

For more thoughts on choosing a variety for your farm, read this Agronomy article on Soybean Selection from Tracy Court.