There are a number of new cereal crop varieties available this year. Cardale CWRS wheat has multi-gene resistance to Fusarium, and Pasteur GP Wheat with its exceptional yield potential. We also have increased our production of Muchmore CWRS with its short strong straw and high yield.  Additionally, there is a sufficient supply of Carberry, Glenn, and Harvest wheat.

In barley there will be a limited supply of new high yielding Austenson 2-row feed, as well as Celebration 6-row and Conlon 2-row. Summit oats will be available for the first time, short strong straw with a larger seed size. Souris oats is also in good supply and is one of the earliest maturing. Take a look at the information on the Varieties page to make your choices and give us a call at 204-386-2354 to book your seed.