Country Guide: Niche Diversification

CGW141209_cover-001Is niche diversification really the right strategy for your farm?

The December 2014 issue of the Country Guide explores various ways that different farming and agricultural operations have used niche diversification to better focus and direct their growth.

Andrea Hildermann interviewed Randy on how diversification has been part of the farm strategy at Court Seeds and Greenhouses.

Read the article in this PDF: Finding the Right Niche

or, read the entire issue online at: Country Guide West December 2014


Now offering AAC Brandon

AAC Brandon CWRS is the latest addition to the varieties offered by Court Seeds. This is the first year we’ve secured a quantity of this new high-yield spring wheat by SeCan. Growers looking for a variety with a good disease package will find that Brandon boasts good resistance to FHB, leaf and stem rust resistance as well as stripe rust resistance. With strong short straw and a larger seed size, AAC Brandon is a solid choice for most growers.

For more information on AAC Brandon, take a look at our Certified Seed Varieties page.

AAC Brandon is a good replacement for Carberry which is the most seeded spring wheat variety in Manitoba. So –  if you grow Carberry and like it, you should try Brandon.

Very limited quantities of this new spring wheat will be available and we’re taking bookings now. Give us a call if you want to be among the first in our area to grow AAC Brandon.

Want flax? CDC Glas now available

CDC Glas is a new flax variety, available for the first time to growers. Glas is a medium maturing, high-yielding oilseed flax from SeCan which has provided better yields than CDC Bethune in all growing zones.  With a high oil content, good disease package and better lodging resistance than Bethune, Glas is a good choice for growers who want a high-yielding flax.

As a new Triffid-free flax variety, there will be very limited quantities of CDC Glas available for the upcoming crop year. If you are considering flax for 2015, give us a call to reserve yours now.

For more information on CDC Glas, check our Certified Seed Varieties page.