Looking to try something new in your crop rotation? Consider winter wheat!

Winter wheat is often considered a less favourable option than spring crops because of the additional planning and workload in fall, as well as the inherent risk of winter kill. However the benefits to including a winter crop in your rotation may far outweigh the risks.

Did you know winter wheat yielded 19% higher than CWRS over the past 4 years in Western Canada? (source) This high yield potential often results in a greater return on investment compared to other cereal crops.

Fall seeding means a decreased workload in the spring and guarantees you will have some early crops in the ground when you have a cold, wet spring. This also translates to an earlier harvest and a more efficient use of all your equipment.

The use of winter crops has also been shown to reduce annual spring weed populations and help to manage herbicide resistance. In addition, your soil will be protected from wind and water erosion throughout the year and you can take advantage of that early spring moisture in dry years.

Court Seeds has two varieties of winter wheat available this fall: AAC Gateway and AC Emerson. Both varieties have been top performers in our local area and each offer their own unique benefits. Check out the links and give us a call for more information.

For more information on how to plan for and grow a successful winter wheat crop check out the great resources offered by the Western Winter Wheat Initiative here.