New for Fall of 2018, Court Seeds will be offering Hybrid Fall Rye seed from FP Genetics. These two new varieties, KWS Bono and KWS Gatano, offer substantial yield gains over conventional varieties with less straw and improved harvestability.

Why should you consider hybrid fall rye?

  • Most profitable cereal crop on the market
  • 25 to 35+% higher yields than conventional rye
  • Similar input costs to wheat and barley
  • Best winter hardiness of all winter cereals
  • More vigorous spring growth and tillering vs other winter cereals
  • Often can be grown without herbicides or fungicides
  • Matures early, allowing more efficient use of time and machinery
  • Improved nitrogen and water use efficiency over most other cereals
  • Improved ergot resistance
  • Takes advantage of early spring moisture
  • Diversifies crop rotations and environmental risk

Book early to secure your variety of choice and save big! Receive 1 free unit for every 10 units booked until August 10, 2018.